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Mrs. Othmer

About The Teacher

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Mrs. Othmer attended California State University, Los Angeles and graduated Cum Laude in March 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. In December 2013, Mrs. Othmer received her Master's Degree in Educational Administration from Azusa Pacific University. She has been named Holland's Teacher of the year in 2007 and 2012. The 2016-17 school year marks Mrs. Othmer's 15th year teaching at Holland. She will also be serving as the District's Music Coordinator. Mrs. Othmer currently is  the Vice President of Public Information on the Board for the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association (SCSBOA). Mrs. Othmer is married to a sound engineer. She also has a daughter who is 11 and a son who is 8.



  • Holland Middle School- Daily: 1st period 7th/8th Grade Beginning Band, 2nd period Intermediate Band, 6th period Advanced Band, 7th period 6th Grade Beginning Band
  • Santa Fe Elementary- Daily: 6th period Advanced Band, 7th period Beginning Band

CLASSES: 6th - 8th Grade Band

BAND ROOM PHONE #: 626-962-3311 EXT 5366

MRS. OTHMER'S MISSION: To prepare my students not only musically, but in ways that will better prepare them for the reality of their future.


Academic Requirements for Music Students

Please remember that as members of the Holland/Santa Fe Band, you must maintain good grades in your academic classes throughout the year. Your goal, is to receive a "C" or better in all of your classes. This meets the 2.0 GPA requirement to be in music. Should your grades slip below 2.0, please ask your academic teacher or Mrs. Othmer for help. Do not let your grades slip and cause you to be placed into Study Skills - simply ask for help!


***New for 2016-17, the band will be working together with Orchestra and Chorus to create the first ever Tri-M Music Honor Society. This group of students must maintain an excellent GPA and work on projects to help benefit the community. Look for invitations to join this group soon!***


 We collect Box Tops for Education!

Please turn in any Box Tops to the band room or to the Holland Office.  Every Box Top collected is worth 10 cents and every little bit helps.


Other Fundraisers:

As you look through the calendar for 2016-17, you will notice we do a fair amount of fundraising throughout the year in order to offset the cost of maintaining a successful music program. This year we will be running our 4 See's Candy Fundraisers (Fall, Winter, Valentine's, and Easter) along with our Holiday Gift Catalogue Sales, and our fundraiser dinner in Fall. We hope that you will participate in one or more of these fundraisers and help us continue to run our program!


Music Camp Students

If you were stuck at home all summer with nothing to do, you should ask Lauren O, Tiffany M, Anais C, Jorge E. and Timmy L.,  about their summer. They spent 14 days away from home in the mountains and made new friends all while playing beautiful music. These individuals attended Arrowbear Music Camp and all of the them on scholarship! Arrowbear is located in the San Bernardino Mountains on the way to Big Bear. If you want a great experience next summer like these students, consider saving up for camp and/or applying for a scholarship. Scholarship information becomes available after Christmas.

For more information about the camp, please visit their website at: http://www.arrowbear.com

PS - In the past 12 summers, more than 80 Holland/Santa Fe students have attended this wonderful camp - most on scholarship!


Past Bands

1011 Adv Band.jpg 1011 Int Band.jpg 1011 beg band.jpg 1011 council.jpg 15695956.jpg 15695962.jpg 15695959.jpg 15695968.jpg 15695966.jpg


Mrs. Othmer is available for Office Hours as follows:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 7:30am - 7:55am by appointment only
  • Monday - Friday: 2:35pm - 3pm by appointment only


2016-17 Music Council

President: Timmy Lei

Vice-President: Jorge Espinoza

Treasurer: Yatana Cabada

Secretary: Juliana Molina

Librarian: Jose Gonzalez

Equipment Manager: Jennifer Marquez



Period 1: Fabian Contreras and Tania Lopez

Period 2: William Santiago and Esmeralda Garcia

Period 6: Tiffany Mo and Mariana Ortega

Period 7: Jenna Aguirre and Brianna Baca