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This channel has lots of awesome information  including clips from History of US. Browse through it for fun or to review any lessons we are covering .

Everything About the White House

This fabulous website takes you to the official Whitehouse page where you can find all sorts of information about our government.

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Welcome to Mrs. Frausto's Social Studies class. This year you will leave the Old World behind and begin a new journey and study the creation of our nation. The California State Standards that will be covered begin with the Declaration of Independence and take us through the era of Reconstruction. The images you see on the screen give you a glimpse of what we will study in class during our first semester. I hope to make this year very challenging and lots of fun for you!  

Today: 6/17/18
georgewhitefield.jpg Magna_Carta.jpg compact.jpg american flag.jpg signing-declaration-of-independence.jpg Articles of Confederation.jpg Carte_Lewis-Clark_Expedition-en.png trailoftears.jpg monroe-doctrine.jpg Billbecomesalaw.jpg PresidentObama1.jpg WomenVoters.jpg


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Today: 6/17/18