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7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

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About Your School Psychologist


Thank you for visiting my web page.  I truly enjoy my profession and am honored to be part of the dedicated team here at Holland Middle School.  I have worked as a school psychologist for ten years.  I have my B.A. degree in Psychology and Spanish, M.A. degree in Counseling, and M.A. degree and Psy.D. degree in Educational Psychology.  I am also a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.  I have developed this web page to serve as a guide and resource tool for staff, parents, and students.  I am looking forward to a great school year.          

What do School Psychologists do?

Students are faced with many pressures, major life changes, crises, transitions, or other school related stressors.  Meanwhile, students are trying to develop independence, relate to their peers, achieve self-confidence, form values, cope with their changing bodies, and master new ways of thinking.  Nothing contributes more to the future of the community than work that educates and provides for the total wellness of its students.  School Psychologists are professionals who are essential participants in these efforts.


School Psychologists may implement programs aimed at helping students develop the skills they need to be successful in school and to deal constructively with challenges they may face throughout their educational experience.  The School Psychologist may work with your child in the following areas: conflict resolution, decision-making, goal setting, coping skills, social skills, study skills, grief counseling, self-esteem, and relationship/friendship skills.  School Psychologists also collaborate with school staff to ensure that your child receives a high quality educational program.  We may meet with your child’s teacher to develop and monitor research-based behavior interventions.  School Psychologists  also provide crisis prevention and intervention services when these situations arise.


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